Design Quest – Week 2 Release

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In game feedback system

I’ve made it even easier to leave feedback by adding an in-game system.  Just click the feedback button and let me know what you’re thinking.

This took a little bit longer to make than I first expected so I had to cut the game design short!  Fortunately, it’s already paying off as people leave me comments.  I’ll also be able to leverage the same webserver for high-scores, user profiles etc.


Feedback request in game


New cards/abilities

I added six new cards to this release to try and emphasise the character roles.

  • The swordsman gains the charge card, that grants increased damage after moving and the taunt card, that causes enemies to target him exclusively
  • The maceman gains the knockback card, allowing them to prevent incoming damage and keep enemies back
  • The archer now has two bow attack cards, quick shot and power shot. This allows you to attack more frequently while still having a powerful decisive attack
  • The mage gains the teleport card, allowing them to zip around the battlefield or get to safety



Initial cards and deck set-up

From watching people play the game, I noticed that often the player would start with no usable cards (e.g. two attacks).  They’d also end up with too many of the same card and have to skip their go.

I now set the initial cards, typically to one move and one attack, and have adjusted the decks to feature a better balance of cards.