Design Quest – Week 1 Release

Launch Design Quest



Track down and defeat the Orc hordes

Fight your way through three encounters, battling Orc foot soldiers, archers, thieves and shaman.  Watch out as they try to outwit you and attack your weak points.


Ready your new war band with new abilities

Introducing an entirely new set of action cards, find the optimal plays to beat the Orcs while taking the least damage.  Save your best cards for when you need them the most and throw away the ones you don’t need.


Improved graphics and audio experience

Hear the clash of steel on steel and the cries of pain as you drive your enemies away.  Improved graphics show more clearly who your enemies are and what they are wielding.


Go retro and follow the design of the game

Check out the previous version of the game right from the main menu.  Selecting week 0 shows you what the game looked like before.  Follow the complete design progress with future updates.