Design Quest: Week 1 Mechanics

Now that I’ve set-up the bare bones game, it’s time to get designing some game mechanics!  I’m hoping that by the end of this week I’ll have an enjoyable game for you to try out.

I’ve decided to focus on the card mechanics first.  In the bare bones version there’s only three types of card, melee attack, ranged attack and move.  Each character draws five random cards each turn for you to use and then discards them at the end.

In this week’s prototype I’ll be adding five new cards types and updating the existing attack cards.  The card set will consist of:

  • Move – move x squares
  • Direct melee attack – hits one target for x damage
  • Area melee attack – hits multiple targets for x damage
  • Ranged attack – hits one target for x damage
  • Heal target – heals the target for x hit points
  • Block stance – prevents enemies moving past the character
  • Defensive stance – reduces incoming damage
  • Evasive stance – attempts to dodge incoming attacks

I will also be creating AI rules to determine how they are used by the enemy characters.  By combining different stats, cards and AI rules I’ll be able to create different enemies for the player to deal with.

I’ll remove the randomness of the deck draw.  Instead, each turn the characters will draw X cards up to an upper limit Y.

Finally, I’ll be putting together a series of encounters for the player to fight through, similar to the bare-bones prototype.  It’ll be fun to randomize these encounters at a later date but for now I want to design these encounters to try out different design ideas.

TL; DR? New cards, decks, levels and AI.